Authentication of teapots

Dr. Huang started collecting teapots back in the early 1920's as a youngster in rural China. Dr. Huang learned of the famed brass teapot around this time and the work that Dr. Bhardwaj had been doing from a pamphlet at the library. Dr. Huang was so enamored by its history that he re-founded the Theosophist Society in Yunnan Province in 1966 upon graduating from University. Over the years the Theosophist Society has evolved and grown until ultimately, in 1989, the team went full time with their excavating and authenticating department. Prior to the establishment of the offical department they had collected supplies and reference materials, and provided other artifact related services, for over 6,000 teapots. An overwhelming task.

Because the Theosophist Society was inundated with submissions, around 1991 Dr. Ling started his Authentication Service. As a true innovator, Dr. Ling is the man who brought microscopes and carbon dating to the authentication process. Through the study of post-depositional surface modification, Dr. Ling has become quite adept at spotting fakes. He says with his methods one can truly arrive at a conclusion regarding authenticity - based on true scientific evidence - not just express an opinion based on provenance, construction characteristics, flaking patterns, correct material for the area, etc., - which all unfortunately can be faked. Dr. Ling’s specialty is pre-biblical objects. He also does metal, stone, and some pottery. If an object is indeed a historical object but not THE brass teapot of lore, Dr. Ling will either issue a certificate with a color photo of the artifact imprinted (making faking and/or altering of the document virtually impossible) or he will execute a detailed letter explaining what it was he found that he didn't like. Since Dr. Ling began the Authentication Service at the Theosophist Society, his team has authenticated nearly 10,000 relics. If you have a brass teapot that you would like authenticated please send photos to or join our facebook group “Theosophist Society” and post photos or videos on our page. We will respond.