Symposium Report

The institute is visited yearly by professors and students from across the globe. The last symposium in

May 2010 posed the question "Where is the Teapot Now". The Theosophist team and more than 100 archaelogists and students came together to hear presentations. The expert's topics included how to interpret the significance of the teapot, where the teapot might be located and how to disitinguish the ancient teapot of lore from the many old teapots that have been uncovered and brought forth. Lectures were also given on the notes of Dr. A.K. Bhardwaj and the significance of the Sepoy uprising.

It was a undoubtedly the most successful and well attended symposium to date though questions have arisen as to how to process the vast inundation of counterfeit vessels which people claim is the famed Brass Teapot. Presently, Dr. Jing has created a department dedicated to the research and authentication of teapots and this will be headed up by top specialists in the field.