Brass Teapot Statue Unveiled!

On November 17th, the Brass Teapot statue was unveiled in the People's Square of Yunnan Province. Dr. Ling and the entire staff were in attendance to witness this great day. Many thousands of people came out to view the large statue which measures 6 meters tall and 8 meters wide. Made entirely from Brass compound the artist, Yarg Noremac, decided to creatively interpret the historic teapot: "Much has been recorded about the teapot, the etchings on the sides and the elegant handles have been well painted by famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci. I decided to go with a modern interpretation of the teapot. I simplified the exterior and focused on the form and shape. I think it brings focus to the piece allowing the viewer to place their own vision forth. By going basic, the viewer can imagine 10,000 different teapots."

Dr. Ling made a speech imploring the world to come together and search for the Brass Teapot, "This ancient object has been revered by kings and queens, as well as commoners. It has traveled from century to century finding it's place in historical events. In the last sixty years it has been lost; we at the Theosophist Society believe in these unstable times, locating and securing the Brass Teapot is of the utmost importance for the security of the world and for educational purposes as well. This statue is to honor the great history of the famed Brass Teapot and to remind all of its immense importance."